Sustainable Supply Chain Management for plant engineering & constructing companies

SCM Audit/Logistics Assessment

We accompany your logistics assessment and develop solutions to increase cost efficiency and customer orientation.

Sustainability in the Logistics

We support you in establishing a holistic sustainability strategy and measuring, evaluating and reducing the ecological and social effects of logistics processes.

Risk Management & Bottleneck Analysis

To reduce future supply risks, we work with you to investigate the core causes of supply bottlenecks.

Learning Factory

We support you in qualifying your personnel in QM, PM, Technical Compliance competencies through sustainable transformation management, as well as in creating an innovative mindset for problem-solving and change management processes for your leaders!

Marketing & PR Strategies

We support you in creating a trustworthy image for your potential customers, suppliers and other stakeholders through innovative storytelling, publishing and authentic social media communication!

ALPHA supports you in implementing a sustainable transformation system in your company and at your suppliers.

Through optimized purchasing – to sustainable corporate success!

The requirements for sourcing and supply chain management are becoming increasingly complex and riskier. In addition, there is increasing internationalization and cost and time pressure, which often comes at the expense of a planned approach. The important issue of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. ALPHA offers a complex and holistic solution just for you!

  1. Evaluation and management of your supplier portfolio with regard to economic efficiency and social and ecological performance potential,
  2. optimisation of the management of product groups and the respective procurement market,
  3. analysis, standardization and continuous improvement of your purchasing processes,
  4. quality assurance of your outsourcing activities,
  5. controlling your purchasing process with clear objectives and implementation concepts,
  6. need-based training for your employees,
  7. increasing the value of your processes through sustainable purchasing strategies.

We show you potentials and solution approaches for the optimization of your supply chain management and sourcing activities and thus also the assurance of a holistic sustainability of your company.

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