Ever increasing requirements placed on the operational safety, as well as the rising complexity of processes that faces growing cost pressure often force everyone involved in the project to develop a well-considered approach and to find a balance between the realization of objectives and budget. This is complemented by enhanced internationalization of operational processes to which all market players are subjected.

In addition to a traditional occupational safety here are some related topics to consider by machine manufacturers or perhaps by operators of equipment, such as risk analyses of machinery and equipment, safe operation rules or industrial safety issues.

ALPHA focuses on a holistic approach, irrespective of whether you wish to perform a safety analysis of a machine or to get the rules for industrial safety of a facility. The core is an exact analysis of your needs and your target region.

Thanks to our international experienced team and our local presence we can offer you numerous services around your project or your equipment in our three target regions: Asia, the Eurasian Economic Union and Europe that will assist you to achieve the highest quality targets or to make sure of continuous operation, whether regulated by legislation or on a voluntary basis.

Important services related to occupational and industrial safety:

  • Labour laws that regulate the field of occupational safety
  • Management systems of industrial safety
  • Risks analyses and assessments
  • Justification of Safety according to GOST and technical regulation
  • Analysis regarding industrial safety (RTN, GGTNK, GPN, Dozvil)
  • Industrial safety of the equipment under pressure (among others, Rostechnadzor, Gosgortechnadzor, Gospromnadzor)
  • Industrial safety of technological pipelines
  • Industrial safety of boilers
  • Rules for the safe operation of plants
  • Safety of internal engineering systems within the building

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