Dr. Thomas Krause, CEO, ALPHA Consulting GmbH

Dr. Thomas Krause, CEO

From the very beginning ALPHA was focused on a clear and simple goal: to improve quality and keep it on high level on a daily basis. I am convinced that this is the only possible way to ensure the long-term safety not only for equipment or machines but also for all people. Regardless of boundaries and regions there are values and ethic principles that are binding for all employees including myself that specify our fundamental rules about how to work  with our customers and partners. It is important for me to create a working environment, which will be characterized by mutual trust and respect and will not allow any discrimination taking into account cross-cultural differences of our staff members. We do also expect from our business partners that they will act according to guidelines, which comply in full with our company principles. I am fully confident that this is a basis of mutual, beneficial and long-term business relations. Quality is not just a word for me, but this is a vital ethical and professional principle of business for all employees, executive management and our business partners. Only practiced and demanded quality creates safety and rules constantly improving our results, as well as new ideas and moving us forward.

Think Quality – not only just a slogan, but the fundamental principle of our business.