Procurement markets for machines and plants are more global today than ever before. The opportunities and challenges to secure competitive advantages through optimal purchasing strategies and the comprehensive realization of purchasing potentials are both great and at the same time increasingly complex.

But also in the process industry, the question of how to optimize ordering processes and thus increase efficiency is a frequently raised one. The assurance of the supply chain should also be put to the test repeatedly by means of safety audits.

Compliance with the applicable norms and standards plays an increasingly important role in the selection of suppliers, as well as in the evaluation of manufacturing and delivery processes and ultimately leads to the success of your projects.

Our portfolio for your international projects in the process industry covers various areas around purchasing and procurement of machines and equipment. In addition, we offer you valuable expertise in the areas of global sourcing, risk management and sustainable purchasing.

  • Market research;
  • Global sourcing;
  • Assurance of a practicable and target-oriented concept for supply chain management;
  • Monitoring compliance with global industry standards, industry regulations and compliance with local, national, and international standards;
  • Fulfilment of criteria and corrective actions;
  • Manufacturing process controls and inspection of the finished equipment or machinery, safety standards, risk management and quality control;
  • Supplier evaluation, production monitoring, inspections to check quality, quantity and on-time delivery of shipments;
  • Selection of suppliers according to established criteria;
  • Securing the supply chain through safety audits;
  • Continuous supplier optimization during the project;
  • Ensuring on-time delivery and quality until the successful completion of your project.

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