ALPHA began as a technical service provider to the manufacturers of industrial equipment in the German-speaking area. The goal of the company was to ensure quality and conformity for the exporters of machines and fittings in the processing, oil and gas industry and to meet the conditions required for obtaining conformity.

Already in 2007 we extended our range of services. Plant manufacturers, as well as complex plant-construction projects expanded our portfolio. New markets, such as the Central Asia, and new industrial sectors like energy storage and transmission or petrochemistry were gradually opened and developed.

Thanks to the subsequent expansion of subsidiaries and a competent international network in our three target regions: Europe/Eurasian Economic Union/Asia ALPHA succeeded in further developing machines, equipment and plants right from the start and making them more competitive globally.

Since 2009 we accompanied numerous complete plants and complex projects with individual value of more than EUR 200 mln. in a volume during the conformity assessment procedure from bid invitation to start-up operation. Alongside a growing experience and competence ALPHA gained trust of plant operators. Thus, since 2010 we have already managed first projects in the target countries fully independently.

More and more customers globally benefit from our expertise. Already in 2013 we have successfully concluded projects for the customer base in over 18 countries from two continents.

In recent years we have gradually expanded our portfolio and our network. Our workforce, as well as our customers became ever more international. The volumes and complexity of the projects entrusted to us increased, Think Quality remained a permanent guiding principle for work of our employees.

In 2018 we can proudly look back on a satisfied customer base from more than 40 countries and three continents. Today, the key aspects of interest of ALPHA range from oil and gas industry to petrochemistry, energy generation and storage, LNG, processing, automotive industries up to infrastructure projects. With our worldwide network, we are a reliable address for everything relating to conformity and technical compliance.

Already in the same year 2018, ALPHA became a globally operating engineering service provider offering solutions around quality and safety in mechanical and plant engineering, operation of assets and critical infrastructures, and has successfully participated in consulting projects of plant engineering projects with an individual volume of more than 1 billion euros.

From 2021 onwards, ALPHA OT SOLUTION ( has been developed as another successful brand, which offers solutions in the area of OT/IT cybersecurity for machine and plant manufacturers, for operators of plants and critical infrastructure.

ALPHA – 2 strong brands under one roof!

Certifying, consulting, expediting – with these services we support our customers every day.  

Think Quality – ALPHA is in all respects the right partner for its customers.