Irrespective of the country or region, in which you operate, you can expect ALPHA to make your business running more efficient and sustainable. Apart from our important services such as conformity assessment and certification, we also provide you globally with a valuable service allowing your projects to conform to the rules, no matter whether a machine, equipment or a complete plant is concerned. We are willing to assist you not only in the achievement of technical compliance and to provide support for the fulfillment of your business objectives, but also for sustainability. Our commitment is to stand for quality and exact fulfillment of targets, in line with our motto:

Think Quality

Further important services related to your projects:
  • Occupational and industrial safety
  • Certification of pressure equipment and plants
  • Services for the life cycle of your plant
  • Verification of standards/design phase
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Expediting
  • Training courses
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