No matter, if you are a manufacturer of plants and equipment or even an EPC contractor – quality, safety and conformity will be the most important factors for you. Moreover, in international business there are country-specific features, regulations and standards, as well as special regulatory requirements and mandatory company standards, which in case of non-compliance may cause very negative effects for accessing market of any country, use of its goods and commissioning or even can lead to drastic liability claims and judicial disputes.

Certification and quality always go hand in hand. A correct conformity assessment procedure not only guarantees for you an access to the foreign markets and overcomes trade barriers, but also confers advantages over your competitors, increases the chances of sales and shows a careful transparency as well as financial value of your product, mentioned in documents and test plans complying with the rules. A social acceptance is increased not only by safety and quality, but also by technical compliance at the highest level.

ALPHA assumes a holistic approach, which checks each step of manufacturing from the phase of planning, use of raw materials and components up to the acceptance of the finished product and its integration in complex units and plants.

ALPHA stands for quality and trust. With its international network ALPHA, as an engineering service provider, operates in all large industrial sectors. Our certification engineers will always offer for you rule-consistent and customized certification solutions for your project. Important target countries and regions in respect to certification and registration of machinery, equipment and plants:

  • Africa
    • Algeria
    • Egypt
    • Morocco
    • Tunisia

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