If you are a designer, manufacturer or operator of pressurized equipment and plants, it is necessary for you to know and accurately implement all standards and criteria. No matter, to which country of the world you deliver or where you operate your pressurized equipment, such as heat exchangers, tanks or boilers, you must comply with strict local and international standards. Of course, the plant manufacturers also need a standard-conforming classification process in order to meet high safety related requirements. Our engineers and our qualified personnel provide assistance to you in recognizing the legal regulations and implementing them in actual practice. With its international network of inspection engineers and licensed partners, ALPHA is perfectly positioned to make your production compliant to the regulations and to enable to you a safe commissioning and a rapid market access – and that’s all in an independent and professional manner. Important services related to the certification of pressurized equipment, plants or plant manufacturers:

  • Conformity assessment of pressurized equipment and plants
  • Ensuring conformity of pressurized equipment and plants for plant manufacturers
  • Classification of pressurized equipment and plants
  • Identification of local needs and practical implementation according to TR EAEU, SELO-License, GOST, NAOP, KOSHA, KGS, MIGAS and more
  • Certification and support in our target regions of Europe, the Eurasian Economic Union and Asia
  • Risk assessment and risk analyses
  • Recalculation of your design calculation according to the system of GOST and TR EAEU

032/2013 for your secure export to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

  • Analysis and implementation of your customer requirements and local standards
  • Preparation of documentation and safety reports conforming to the standards  
  • Preparation of technical datasheets according to GOST 2.601, GOST 2.610, OZSt, NAOP

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