In today’s constantly changing world, it is important to be always up to date and to keep pace with developments in norms, standards and regulations. Any company using investments in further education and skills training can ensure its business success and promote commitment of its employees. Furthermore, precise knowledge enhances your international competitiveness also in the special markets, as well as makes your activities more task-oriented and easier to appraise. You can benefit from our offers to combine theory with valuable knowledge and practice. Please talk to us about your expectations. ALPHA offers coaching in the following fields with an attractive price-performance ratio:

  • Exports to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan
  • Conformity assessment and certification in the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Regulations, standards and technical compliance in the Middle Asia
  • CCC – SELO – China certification
  • Coachings for DIN EN ISO 19011 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021-1
  • Preparation of documentation conforming to the standards
  • Fundamental knowledge of certification
  • Admission of pressure vessels and pressurized equipment
  • Standard-compliant summary of your delivery documentation
  • Machinery Directive, EMC and low voltage in Europe and in chosen target regions
  • Preparation of quality and test plans
  • Technical tender management
  • From tendering to support during commissioning: asset management in particularly demanding markets
  • Risks management for plant manufacturer in special markets
  • Training of your subcontractors to ensure a high standard of quality

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