Revision, certification, and licensing of any product or piece of equipment are a very delicate and special area of business where great responsibility is required along with high-quality, transparent, and fully-fledged accomplishment. It is therefore way more important for our clients that they have a reliable and durable partner on their side. In this regard, our company’s concept is based on the four ideal principles we consistently and carefully stick to.

We Build Trust

Your trust is the core base for us. For a company acting as a serious organization, it is a major part of its daily work to think neutrally and work to the client’s benefit. It is an absolute must that our certification and consulting center treats a client’s order fairly and responsibly enough if we want to guarantee a reliable work and further progress in trusted business relations.

We Promote Quality and Sustainable Solutions

Your success stimulates us. Quality is going to become an even more important issue than it already is, generating new business opportunities. Not just you as a client, but, first of all, we ourselves do set rather high standards for and requirements to our own work. For this reason, great emphasis is made on qualified and competent employees possessing advanced experience and capable of making the client’s wishes come true in a fast and efficient way.

We Focus on Transparency

Trust is a good aspect, but you have the right to monitor the process. We provide you with the opportunity to learn about the progress of our work at any time, and we show you every aspect of our joint work in a clear manner with separate details and logical explanations. It is only possible for us to convince you about our achievements if you are informed well enough.

We Build the Best Team

Our highly qualified and committed workforce is the key to success. Therefore, we build an international and open corporate culture promoting mutual trust, respect and commitment. These are the four major principles where compliance enables us to positively and efficiently cooperate with our clients. Acting as an international company, we also pursue the noble ethical purposes and do realize the degree of our social responsibility to the environment and to the society. Compliance with the legal and ethical norms means to us that each employee of the ALPHA Company, including its executive personnel, follows both the current legislation and the ethics. These principles are set forth in our own Corporate Ethics Code and are accessible to any employee, client, and service contractor as well as to the service providers of the ALPHA Company.