There is a common practice in plant engineering to develop a new project by using old ones in line with a copy-plant concept. The modularization is rather a sequential linking of skids or package units. And this is where a solution presents itself as problematic, because there is no exact relation between functioning of equipment and plant.

Designed like a construction kit, the modular plant engineering is considered as a way for the optimization of reutilization degree. In practice, the smaller or larger modules are prefabricated and further linked together to form units. A desirable high degree of standardization in EPC saves costs, however, it causes variable time adjustment and raises new unexpected questions and issues.

With its concept of conformity assessment IMCA ALPHA (Integrated Modular Conformity Assessment © ALPHA) provides a good tool at your disposal in order to connect plant engineering with testing, certification, approval and commissioning.

The contradiction between aspired high standardization and customer orientation can be solved by IMCA © ALPHA. This happens in the first step with a mixture of development of conformity needs, planning and quality control over functional models and modules, with simultaneous coaching at the plant constructor and at the suppliers of main modules and then with the modularization and standardization of conformity evaluation process for the functional units and project. That helps to avoid misunderstandings, to reduce costs sharply and to adapt flexibly to volatile time specifications.

We are willing to assist you and provide you not only with the support in achieving technical compliance, as well as in meeting your financial objectives, but also in promoting sustainability. The intention of IMCA © ALPHA is to represent quality and fulfill the goals in plant engineering with pinpoint accuracy.

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