Meeting standards of the Eurasian Economic Union and local regulations is a precondition for getting access to the Belarus market. Incorrect or incomplete conformity certificates and declarations can result in long delays and complaints. ALPHA can make sure that your delivery or your equipment complies both with the complete demands for the export on the target market of Belarus, and with the national requirements of the national supervisory authority GOSPROMNADZOR for the commissioning. Take the benefit from our competence and long-standing experience, so that you can concentrate on the essentials. Important services related to your delivery in Belarus:

  • Conformity certificates and declarations TR EAEU, GOST B, declaration GOST
  • Conformity Assessment of machines, equipment and projects
  • Technical consulting in the following sectors: oil and gas industry, petrochemistry, power generation and transmission, energy storage and process industry
  • Admission and technical compliance for complete plants and insurance of plant safety
  • RTN-expertise and authorization for placing in service for critical equipment
  • Assisting in obtaining of local licenses
  • Metrological Conformity Assessment of measuring instruments (PAC/PCC)
  • The designing of pressure vessels and pressure bearing parts according to GOST
  • Construction site safety
  • Assisting in basic and detail engineering and calculation according to the relevant national standards
  • Recalculation of construction concepts, foundations or steel structures
  • Complying with local building norms
  • Commissioning of plants
  • Development of the plant safety concept
  • Admission of the equipment subject to mandatory testing
  • Preparation of technical documentation, technical datasheets and safety reports
  • Good manufacturing practice service (GMP)
  • Approval services (such as FSC – Visual Free Sales Certificate)
  • GAP-Analysis
  • Second party inspection

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