Vietnam as a location is an interesting target market. It is particularly important to ensure the conformity of products, equipment and machinery prior to export in order to avoid delays and contractual penalties.

Although the QCNV system of technical regulation and product conformity regulates the mandatory certification of selected products and components (CR Mark), the biggest challenges remain the recognition of tests and test certificates carried out outside Vietnam.

Our long term experience in conformity assessment and strong international network enable ALPHA to provide you professional support for your projects in Vietnam, to establish the necessary regulatory conformity and thus to fulfill the national requirements.

Important services for your projects in Vietnam: 

  • Validation of your documentation
  • Auditing your manufacturing process
  • Recognition of tests
  • Support for product testing
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • CR marking for your products
  • Conformity certificates of the Technical Regulation Vietnam for steel and building materials

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