South Korea is one of the most innovative markets in the world, which is exactly why the safety of machines and plants plays an important role. Although the Korean conformity assessment system has been reformed several times, manufacturers and distributors are faced with a great effort in fulfilling technical compliance. Recognizing the standards and guidelines of the various testing bodies and authorities and interpreting them in a product-related manner requires professional experience in normative and technical aspects.

ALPHA has extensive expertise in conformity assessment and certification in South Korea. We support you in understanding the guidelines of KGS, KOSHA or KTL, in implementing them according to standards, in obtaining the corresponding certificates of conformity and achieving technical compliance.

Important services around your projects in Korea:

  • Ensuring compliant documentation
  • Supervision of your project plans in the process industry
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Certificate of Conformity KGS (certification of gas appliances, equipment for use in gas distribution networks and refineries)
  • Certificate of conformity KOSHA (certification of potentially hazardous equipment)
  • Certificate of conformity KTL (certification of electrical equipment)

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