Due to the growing internationalization of markets installers and plant manufacturers are exposed to increased risks in the conformity assessment, particularly in the target markets in Asia. More and more directives concerning quality and safety, as well as the obligation of strict adherence to them, new liability risks, and engaged public increase the requirements to the technical implementation of projects. Moreover, the strong competitive pressure demands quickly meeting the highest quality standards in various national markets. In most cases the key factor for a successful export or a license for the construction of a plant is to demonstrate the conformity with the normative guidelines. Here, we offer you a range of services either on an individual basis or as a package. Thanks to our international experienced team and our local presence we can offer you numerous services around your project or your equipment in Asia that will assist you to achieve the highest quality targets or to ensure safety during continuous operation, whether regulated by legislation or on a voluntary basis.

Important services related to your projects in Asia:

  • Compliance with and implementation of valid local standards and elaboration of national specifics
  • Conformity assessment procedures and acquisition of conformity and compliance certificates and national licenses
  • Second party activities
  • Surveys (gathering information) on suppliers with respect to the requirements of national authorities or a buyer.
  • Verification of designs, specifications, drawings and established standards
  • Formal production inspection
  • Quality assurance of companies, involved in the construction, production and operation of your equipment
  • Verification of specifications, technologies and established standards that are applied at the construction site
  • Monitoring of audits of all kinds
  • Providing support in acceptance tests of equipment and installations
  • Inspection before shipment and supervision over a cargo during transport
  • Monitoring of storage techniques and preventive maintenance systems of plant equipment before and during installation
  • Ensuring the quality of machines and equipment in the countries of Asia:

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