With new regulations of the customs union of Russia – Kazakhstan – Belarus, the export of compressors turns out to be a real challenge. On 15/02/2013, the “Technical Regulations for Machinery and Equipment” entered into force and they imply new compulsory requirements for certification and registration.
“Manufacturers face the problem that they don’t even get permission to export their goods to the customs union and to countries like Ukraine and Uzbekistan”, Dr Thomas Krause, president of the German company ALPHA, emphasizes in the interview. “With new requirements for the Gost standard, the RosTekhNadzor standard and the Technical Regulations in general, enormous changes have been made. Therefore, it is strictly required to acquaint oneself precisely with the particular laws”.
Apart from modifying existing regulations, a wide range of new standards and guidelines has been introduced: “The customs union recently launched a system of more than 35 Technical Regulations. That system modifies the existing Ex Gost certification and the RosTekhNadzor regulation in a fundamental way. Thus, the procedure of application and the liability of manufacturers for their products have been strongly revised. Also, the expertise of industrial safety and the program and methodology of testing methods are influenced by these changes and novelties”, Krause resumes the major changes.

The new requirements cause various practical consequences that complicate the export tremendously:”One of the biggest issues for manufacturers might be that the new standards are only temporarily valid. A transition period up to 15/03/2015 has been established by the customs union. After that time, it is expectable that there will be new changes and modifications”, Krause points out.

What simplifies the export during the transition period is a new marking standard for exporting goods, products and equipment. Krause gives further details about the marking: “Particularly, only Eurasian Conformity marking – the EAC – will be applied for the export. After certification and declaration, package and singular products shall be marked clearly with the EAC logo. Generally, import and operation without that marking is forbidden during the transition period”.
The most profound change is that the customs union introduces a completely new system for certification: “During that transition period, a new system of compulsory and voluntary certification will take priority over the existing national standards”, Krause explains. “The process of compliance confirmation is temporary, too: Certifications and declarations are valid for a maximum of five years. It is required that they are carried out by a legal person that is based in the customs’ union territory”.

The new Technical Regulations of Russia – Kazakhstan – Belarus require that exporters are well-informed about the novelties explained above: “For manufacturers and vendors that are not firm with the new standards in a precise way, a successful export is nearly impossible”, Dr Krause points out and recommends a professional consulting. “Extra costs are not the only problem: With the new, multi-layered and tremendously detailed system of regulations, a denial for the export of compressors is very likely. With the supervision of well-experienced experts, certification is much easier to arrange”.

For exporting compressors to the customs union, ALPHA is a particularly suitable partner. Dr Krause provides an insight on his company’s competence: “ALPHA, based in the heart of the industrial city of Chemnitz, is an expert for certification and consulting. Since 2007, our qualified engineers provide intercultural competence in a special way: All of them are born and raised in the customs union, as well as Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Our international team is well-experienced with the new and the excising requirements of the customs union. Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are three of our main target countries since the companies’ foundation”.

With unique intercultural competence and specialized skills for certification, the German company offers an all-around carefree package for the export of compressors. It goes without saying that compliance is essential for ALPHA’s philosophy: During the whole procedure of certification, the company delivers insight for their clients and guarantees a competent and efficient service.

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