Photo (c) ROSATOM

Berlin: ALPHA specialists for nuclear safety and materials management attended the event “Future B2B in the Field of Nuclear Energy Between Russia and Germany” on 19-20 November in Berlin. The meeting was organized by the German Atomic Forum (DAtF), OAOV and ROSATOM. Although German technology has the highest standard of plant safety, the event shows that the Russian and German sides can learn and benefit from a trustful cooperation and technical exchange of expertise. Nuclear plant safety does not stop at the regional border or at the tollgate.

ALPHA has been operating in Indonesia since 2015 and supports machine and plant manufacturers in achieving technical conformity, document processing and certification/registration of their equipment and plants. For this reason, the cooperation in the “Panel Indonesia” of the Global Project Quality Infrastructure (GPQI) – a high level project under the […]
LVE / EMC: ALPHA – one of the leading engineering provider around functional safety and OT security – announces that it has expanded its network with accredited bodies in the EU and can now integrate ALPHA’s expertise with low-voltage and electromagnetic compatibility testing in accordance with EU directives. This expanded […]
The Ambassador of the Republic of Vietnam in Germany, His Excellency Mr. Vu Quang Minh, had granted ALPHA (CEO Dr. Thomas Krause, Mr. Norbert Gies – ALPHA Sales Manager for Small and Medium Enterprises) the honor of a private audience at the Embassy in Berlin. In an intensive longer discussion, […]

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