The technical compliance in Ukraine is of great importance, because new challenges are emerging for the producer and plant manufacturer as a result of switching to the national conformity assessment system and turning to own technical directives. It is of great significance that new requirements especially for the equipment subject to mandatory testing are observed so that neither delays nor higher costs occur.

ALPHA assists you in structuring and registration of your machines and equipment in line with the national requirements in order to conduct the conformity assessment procedure successfully and to meet all the national criteria of commissioning.

Important services related to your delivery in Ukraine:

  • Conformity assessment of machines, equipment and projects
  • Admission and technical compliance for complete units and assurance of equipment safety
  • Conformity certificates and declarations of Ukraine according to the Technical Regulations
  • UkrSEPRO conformity certificates
  • Dozvil authorization for placing in service
  • Metrological conformity assessment of measuring tools
  • Assisting in basic and detail engineering and calculation according to the relevant national standards
  • Complying with local building norms
  • Commissioning of plants
  • Development of the plant safety concept
  • Admission of the equipment subject to mandatory testing
  • Preparation of documentation, technical datasheets and safety reports
  • Good manufacturing practice service (GMP)
  • Approval services (such as FSC – Visual Free Sales Certificate)
  • Second party inspection

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