Harmonized industry standards don’t imply that technical conformity can be represented on the basis of the international standards only. To that end, the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), which is committed to quality insurance and operational safety supervision, lay down particular guidelines that must be respected unconditionally in order to meet the special requirements of industrial safety. In addition, there are special approvals such as Pak-EPA or other local registrations that must be observed for the schedule-based project work in advance of delivery.

Important services related to your delivery in Pakistan:

  • Conformity assessment of machines, equipment and projects
  • Admission and technical compliance for complete plants and insurance of plant safety
  • Conformity certificates in Pakistan for industrial equipment
  • Test recognition procedure regarding local requirements
  • Pak-EPA environmental protection approval
  • Recognition procedure for industrial software
  • Assisting in basic and detail engineering and calculation according to the relevant national standards
  • Complying with local building norms
  • Commissioning of plants
  • Development of the plant safety concept
  • Admission of the equipment subject to mandatory testing
  • Preparation of technical documentation

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