Indonesia has been striving for years to gradually improve quality in all industrial sectors. State supervision is to be strengthened and compliance with safety and environmental standards guaranteed. This also includes improving the regulatory framework, but also increasing the number of machines and plants subject to mandatory certification (e.g. Regulation of the Minister of Labor of the Republic of Indonesia No 38/2016).

ALPHA has extensive experience with conformity assessment in Indonesia. We have a unique network, local contract management and a dedicated team of specialist engineers. In addition, we offer local or country of origin support services. This ensures efficiency and professionalism to meet all technical compliance requirements.

Important services around your projects in Indonesia: 

  • Ensuring compliant documentation
  • Supervision of your project plans in the process industry
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Certificate of Conformity MIGAS (Oil & Gas)
  • Certificate of Conformity GSDM (General Mining and Geothermal Resources)
  • Certificate of Conformity DEPNAKER (Directorate of Man Power)

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