Would you like to receive the freshest information about the actual regulations regarding the certification and registration issues in the member countries of the Eurasian Community? Do you require the technical expertise and experience in order to commission your equipment in the relevant target countries? Or maybe you wish to have the practical understanding of how the certification process becomes part of one's daily manufacturing practices?

The numerous thematic seminars held out by professional instructors will give you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge about the local standards of quality in the relevant target countries.

No matter what kind of training events are in scope, be it individual consultation, professional instruction or training at our office in Chemnitz, we will provide you with the technical knowledge and experience already adapted to the particular needs of your business. 

Our advantages:

  • Jointly with you, we determine the subject, key aspects, contents, and intensity of training;
  • Our team of professionals possesses a standardized level of relevant knowledge;
  • You will be trained by several experts simultaneously;
  • You determine the time, place, and duration of a seminar or a training activity;
  • From us you will receive a professionally organized job and the major documentation for the seminars;
  • The determination of the objectives pertaining to your business guarantees that you achieve the results being of great importance to your company; and
  • Theoretical norms are translated into engineering practices

ALPHA cares to broaden your knowledge and thus ensure your informed prevalence over your competitors.