Expediting - punctuality and risk minimization with ALPHA

In international projects, meeting deadlines and quality requirements is an important component in the successful management of a project. Delays can lead to subsequent financial claims and customer dissatisfaction. Our experienced and globally positioned engineers identify deadline and quality defects and eliminate them in a timely manner within yourbudget and time framework.

Global services for various industries

ALPHA offers plant construction companies and manufacturers a wide range of services, such as:

  • Field or desk expediting
  • Inspection Services
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Project evaluation
  • Monitoring timely delivery of documents
  • Planning corrective actions
  • Assistance in meeting payment terms
  • Monitoring dispatch of materials
  • Supportin supplieracquisition and evaluation
  • Project monitoring
  • Schedule management and coordination of control measures with suppliers
  • Checking production and delivery status

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Oil and Gas Sector & Petrochemical Industry

Safety of Equipment in Oil and Gas Sector and in Petrochemical Industry

Design, development, and technical maintenance of the equipment in the oil and gas sector as well as in the petrochemical industry require operational safety from the equipment and some special psychology of safety from the operating personnel. Regular inspections, checks, and special-purpose services cut down the safety risks and also ensure the constant quality of the mineral products recovered.

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Our experts make sure that your equipment complies with the safety rules and with the local specifics, and that you at the same time can confirm that your equipment complies with the legal requirements. Besides, we consider the specific regulations for specialized equipment and machinery, and different manufacturing conditions for particular products.

Detailed Information About Our Services:

  • Technical support during the commissioning of equipment and its components
  • Equipment safety guarantee
  • Efficient planning
  • Calculation and control of costs
  • Prevention of risks
  • Optimization of processes
  • Control of subcontractors
  • Documentation

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Technical Consultancy

The most countries of the Eurasian Economic Community and of the Central Asia are nowadays more and more often targeted by foreign investors due to their rich deposits of mineral oil, natural gas, and ores. ALPHA GmbH provides support to investors and exporters during manufacturing and commissioning of technological equipment.

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Our employees have vast experience in technology and clearly understand the international regulations as well as the rules and legislation specific for a particular country, and that helps us in transforming your investment into a continuous success.

Detailed description of our services:

1. General Quality Guarantees  

  • Expert opinions regarding raw material;
  • Functional checks;
  • Verification of permits and certificates for welding operations;
  • Analysis of manufacturer's documentation;
  • Access to welding machines and materials;
  • Definition of authorized personnel

2. Technical Equipment Quality Guarantees

  • Guaranteed obtainment of technical components as well as devices and their parts;
  • Providing support in selecting the acceptable manufacturers and sub-suppliers of semi-finished products, equipment, and pipelines;
  • Audits of manufacturers and suppliers;
  • Translation of technical documents;
  • Providing consultancy to develop the requirements to special materials as well as welding technology requirements;
  • Providing assistance in placement operational safety plans under the existent guidelines (operational safety analysis); in particular, regarding explosion hazard zones and areas; and
  • Analysis in the framework of permit applications

3. Environmental and Safety Management

  • Providing consultancy and training on changes in regulatory documents regarding technology;
  • Development and implementation of environmental and safety management systems; and
  • Location analysis to assess risks related to the environment and safety.

4. Commissioning of Machines and Equipment

  • Providing consultancy regarding the necessity of certification and compliance assessment;
  • Verification of all operational safety requirements;
  • Providing assistance in compliance assessment; and
  • Providing assistance to operators in obtainment of equipment operation permits.

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General Project Planning

Comprehensive project planning is not just a reliable factor; furthermore, a project planning work performed by our team prevents, first of all, any delays in project implementation and the faults in communication that might cause increased costs.

ALPHA is a comprehensive solution

Our employees specialize in planning, implementation, and servicing of the projects in industrial sectors. Our experts are distinguished by vast knowledge of norms and standards and their application in industrial process as well as the planning process as such, and that makes ALPHA GmbH a reliable partner for the entire project planning.
We do understand the key facts about all parties involved in the planning process, for instance, the bodies of state power, equipment operators, project planning companies, and project and design institutions, and we also understand the technologies of suppliers.

Based on our professional knowledge and local conditions, we also can assume the responsibility for, and the formalization of, those parts of the planning work that have to be performed in the target country only.

Detailed description of our services:

  • Assisting your team in all issues of the project planning, including local permits and authorizations;
  • Preparation of the project documents at separate stages of a project in compliance with the currently applicable standards;
  • Providing information about the planning process;  
  • Liaison with local technical design experts (for instance, fire safety service and environment protection authorities);
  • Analysis regarding industrial safety, environment protection, and explosion hazard zones;
  • Verification of the planning with regard to the Construction Norms and Regulations and to the National Standards (GOST); and
  • Adaptation of the standards    

The adaptation of the standards is a great part of our services since some of the standards in a target country quite often cannot be transferred into the EU standards. As a rule, this occurs in chemistry and petrochemical sector, in oil and gas industry, in machine building, and in nuclear power industry. If your technical publications and documents are compliant with the norms and standards typical for a particular country, you will surely obtain a decisive competitive advantage.

What can we do for you?

  • Revision of your documents in order to verify if they are compliant with the norms and standards of particular countries;  
  • Adaptation of the EU standards and the project-oriented processing of your documents in compliance with the National Standards (the GOSTs), Construction Norms and Regulations (CNR), and some other standards;  
  • Checking of material and raw material for their compliance with the standards typical for a particular country;
  • Adaptation of your records, reports, and technologies (such as calibration protocols, welding reports, etc.); and  
  • Handling of the work in order to acknowledge and recognize particular documents.

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Authorizations by GAZPROM

Would you like to place your products within a project run by GAZPROM? Or you wish to take part in the GAZPROM projects outside of Russia, too? In this case, you need the free company certification system due to which you can emphasize the quality of your services and products. Industrial enterprises, suppliers, and contractors can be certified under this system. In particular, the potential suppliers to GAZPROM are offered to get certification for their companies.

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Our employees will assist you in getting certification for GAZPROM and will support you at all stages of the process. Depending on the complexity of your equipment, four to six weeks are normally required to get a certificate. The validity period of a certificate issued by GAZPROM varies depending on your requirements.

Please be advised that the GAZPROM certification shall not exempt you from the obligatory certification according to the law. The standards underlying the certification are practically identical to the national standards for certification effective in the Eurasian Community.

Would you like to get a GAZPROM certificate for your equipment, products or services? Please contact us in such a case.


Commissioning of equipment may be successful when such equipment complies with the applicable guidelines and instructions, when there are relevant registrations, and when additional obligations, for example, about identification/marking are fulfilled. When it comes to the commissioning of complex machinery and pieces of equipment, it all first of all depends on the impact of such factors as whether the terms of production are complied with and whether the functional checks are fulfilled. Because of the continuous changes in the applicable requirements and due to the impact of various institutions and governmental bodies, some aspects usually step forward and can influence the commissioning process.

In this regard, we also provide assistance in development of new equipment up to its commissioning stage.

Mining Industry

Extraction and transportation of raw materials are influenced by various risks and safety measures. It is necessary to comply with and constantly check for a large number of safety aspects, which may differ depending on countries and regions. In this industry there is a great demand for special knowledge and vast experience in order to ensure that the extraction of raw materials is not accompanied by deterioration of their quality and also to avoid any loss to your business.

Trust ALPHA!

Our employees have extensive experience and vast knowledge regarding the technological processes and optimization opportunities in extraction of raw materials.

Detailed description of our services:

  • Advisory services regarding local regulations;
  • Verification and control on all aspects related to safety and quality; and
  • Licensing for extraction of raw materials

Got any other questions? We will eagerly advice to you on the usage of the technological process and material in the field of extraction of raw materials in compliance with local regulations.

Technical Documentation

It is of special importance for any company to avoid delays in manufacturing of products or in commissioning of equipment. Issuance of the required documentation is an important part of an impeccable compliance with the customer's requirements.
This also includes some special requirements typical for a particular country, such as technical datasheets, special verification records, and special criteria for the documentation from sub-suppliers.

ALPHA will help you to avoid conflicts between the actual state of your documents and their adaptation to the regulations of a particular country.

Certificate of Approval for the Types of Measuring Instruments

Based on comparison of safety issues in many countries, measuring instruments are subject to special registration. You have to take some specific tests and to fill out the delivery documentation.
This includes, for instance, various compliance verifications, testing of measuring equipment by authorized laboratories in a target country, and submission of special documents.
Alongside, in order to ensure a permit, a measuring tool must comply with different calibration documents and must be permissible under conditions of a particular country and must also be consistent with other modes of application.

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Our employees have vast knowledge and wide experience in registration and licensing of measuring and control instruments.

Detailed description of our services:

  • Advisory on registration and clearance for control tools;
  • Preparation and submission of required documents;
  • Comprehensive support and conduct of negotiations with the relevant authorities and bodies of power at the stage of general permit issuance; and
  • Providing assistance in calibration in the target countries and in conformity verification (attestation).

Got some other questions? Please get in touch with us to ensure that the relevant institutions submit the required documents and grant the required permits for your measuring equipment within a short term and in accordance with the applicable rules.

Electric Power Installations

The equipment must be used in such a manner that ensures its technical safety. To this effect, along with the technical operation rules, it is also necessary to comply with all legal regulations applicable, and specific tests are required to ensure this, including various procedures to check the safety of the equipment and the obligations to provide relevant guarantees. It is also necessary to follow some special requirements, such as the conduct of tests or the procedures on technical maintenance.

ALPHA GmbH will assist you to ensure the compliance with regulatory requirements in order to achieve the maximum degree of conformity.

Certification of Pressurized Equipment

Certification of Pressurized Equipment and Pressurized Components

The equipment and components operating under pressure are covered by strict local and national legislative acts (e.g., EAC, EAC 032/2013, SELO/CHINA STAMP) in order to guarantee their safety and operational efficiency.
The manufacturers and operators of high-pressure tanks, drums, boilers and manufacturers and operators of inflating systems/equipment or technological installations must go through independent verification and certification in order to comply with the applicable law.

You can trust ALPHA in this aspect!

Being one of the leading companies in the field of certification of pressurized equipment, we do our business worldwide. Our qualified personnel has comprehensive technical knowledge and experience enabling us to provide assistance to you in the conduct of checks and tests, and in certification of your pressurized equipment in order to ensure its compliance with any of the local regulations. You can get professional advisory in a national language and competent assistance at any stage of planning and development. Furthermore, we can jointly with you develop stable strategies for market penetration.

Detailed description of our services:

  • Compliance with the majority of local and international requirements for environment protection;
  • Obtainment of operation permits for pressurized equipment;
  • Project management in the course of certification process;
  • Conformity evaluation;
  • Approvals for personnel and technological processes;
  • Operation permits for materials;
  • Execution of control in a target country;
  • Verification and estimation in accordance with norms and standards;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Checking of the requirements to welding operations to verify their compliance with the international standards; and
  • Preparation of the required national documents (for instance, technical datasheet or SELO instructions).

Got any other questions? We will be glad to ensure that your pressurized equipment complies with the applicable regulations of your country within the shortest term and in accordance with the law. Contact us!