ALPHA is known not only as a future-oriented provider of the services of certification and testing of installations and equipment, but also as a customer-oriented partner in design process. Due to our professional skills and proneness to meet the demands of our customers and also due to the increased requirements to the quality of our own services, we can assist you at all stages of design process related to the development and operation of equipment, starting from the clear formulation of your purposes and support in basic or detailed design work, the clear-cut plans of equipment and technological development, and up to the support in the procurement of material, and in the development, acceptance or licensing for the commissioning purposes and for technical maintenance.

Detailed description of our services:

  • Assistance in basic and detailed design regarding the compliance with local standards;
  • Support from the FEED up to the EPC;
  • Adaptation of standards;
  • Preparation of a schedule in accordance with the P20 (No.454 dated May 5, 2012);
  • License for design work (the CRO membership);
  • Compliance with the Directive of February 16, 2008;
  • Support in accordance with the ZOS (GOSTSTROYNADZOR);
  • Expert assessment for the GLAVGOSTEXPERTIZA;
  • Calculation of the constructive values with regard to local specifics and climatic zones;
  • Transfer of your constructive values to under the control of the sub-suppliers of the complex equipment and spare parts;
  • Mounting work and technological supervision; and
  • Support at the stage of commissioning