Corporate Ethics Code & Legal Compliance

Being an international company, we make a great emphasis on our own Corporate Ethics Code and legal compliance. Saying this, we mean that it is not just the strict adherence to legislation and rules, but also the inclination of our commercial operations towards such principles as decency, safety, transparency, and perfection.

Therefore, the Corporate Ethics Code contains the mandatory formulations of the key values and major principles of the conduct for the ALPHA Company, and it applies to all of the company's employees and suppliers. Along with the said code, the ALPHA Company sets not only the fundamental principles for its employees, since we also guarantee to our partners that we will comply with and respect the legislation and norms worldwide.

The Corporate Ethics Code was for the first time enacted in 2010, and now it contains the following clauses:

§ 1 Legal Compliance
The laws of each applicable jurisdiction shall be respected and complied with.

§ 2 Prohibition of Corruption and Bribery
We never tolerate any form of corruption or bribery and we also reject any illegal offers of money or similar benefits in order to influence any decision-making.

§ 3 Personal Rights
The major rights of all employees shall be respected. Besides, our company promotes the creation of equal opportunities and formation of equal attitudes to our employees regardless of their color of skin, race, ethnicity, social setup, any kind of handicap, sexual preferences, and political or religious views, and also regardless of their gender and age.    
Nobody shall hire a person against his or her own will and nobody shall force a person to work.
Furthermore, we never tolerate inadequate treatment of the operating personnel, for instance, in the form of psychological pressure, sexual or personal harassment or discrimination.    
The maximum working time of an employee as specified by the law in any country must be respected on a constant basis.

§ 4 Prohibition of Child Labor
We hire only the employees who can show a personal ID to confirm their minimum legally acceptable age for employment in a specific country. We also assign orders only to those suppliers who also refuse from the usage of child labor.

§ 5 Health and Safety of Employees
We assume the responsibility for the health and safety of our employees, and we therefore minimize the risks and guarantee the optimal safety precautions against accidents and occupational diseases.

§ 6 Environment Protection
Both our company itself and our suppliers assume the obligation to comply with the legal norms and international standards for continuous protection of the environment, and also to cut down the environmental pollution, and to continuously improve the environment protection at the same time.

§ 7 Supply System
Furthermore, we assume the obligation not only to duly promote the compliance with the contents of this Corporate Ethics Code on the part of our suppliers, but also to proceed in accordance with the antidiscrimination principles in selecting the suppliers and in our contacts with them. In turn, our suppliers should facilitate the compliance with this Corporate Ethics Code on the part of our subcontractors and should not cooperate with the companies violating this Corporate Ethics Code.

Quoted as of June 1st, 2015