ALPHA Company is a competent center for certification and technical consulting, and it is ready to come up to its clients with specific services related to revision, certification, and approval of various equipment and plants. Founded in 2007, the company is also a qualified partner in engineering field, and it can assume responsibility for auxiliary engineering processes related to the operation of a specific piece of equipment.

In order to provide even more efficient services to our clients, we first of all focus on the core markets of the Eurasian Economic Union, Central Asia, and China, where we mostly target the oil and gas sector, petrochemical industry, energy sector, and manufacturing of equipment. Our employees possess specialized know-how enabling them to provide efficient and successful services to our clients through the usage of local, sometimes rather challenging, systems of norms and certifications.

Our major areas of business are based on the three principles as follows:


Got any special technical questions or you just wish to obtain some detailed information about the use of your equipment? ALPHA Company will assist you with that, too. We will analyze all possible ways to optimize your equipment and will jointly with you consider various approaches to solve the task.

We do not just simply check your documents for consistency, but also verify if your equipment is compliant with the local norms and standards. Furthermore, we assume the responsibility for the completion of the required checks and for the compliance with the requirements regarding the timely maintenance of your equipment.

We check for you whether all of the equipment or plants are subject to mandatory certification and we also check whether you need to do such a certification. ALPHA Company assumes the responsibility for all of the working steps for you to obtain a conformity certificate for your piece of equipment.